If you’re tired of living in what feels like chaos

then this is for you.

declutter, reclaim your space

Reclaim Your Space Exclusive VIP Membership

Unlock the "From Mess to Peace" method and go from feeling unorganized and overwhelmed to being in control and ready to welcome guests anytime.

Learn how to actually declutter in a way that is easy to start and sustain.

Get the tools, trainings, community and support you need to finally create an inviting home you

can truly enjoy and find not only your stuff but also peace in.

declutter your home, reclaim your space

You are tired of...

Moving those doom piles around your home

Feeling like you are constantly starting from scratch all the time

Starting a project and misjudging the time and shoving it back in

the drawer

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where everything should


Now you’re looking for a better way to create space in your home, increase your wellbeing and keep it that way!

Clearing clutter can be one of the most uplifting and energizing things we can do for ourselves, our home and families.

Hi! I'm Louise

I'm an organizing coach and consultant who's helped hundreds of women who are tired of the chaos, create a clutter-free home that they love!

I can help you move through any frustration, embarrassment and overwhelm to take back control over the clutter.

Through private coaching and my Reclaim Your Space Exclusive membership, I give you tools to succeed in creating a home that flows with your lifestyle and goals.

There's nothing I adore more than high-fiving my clients when they release the weight of clutter and create a home they love!

declutter, Louise Hopkin, the space reclaimers

What the Reclaim Your space Exclusive VIP

Membership is all about

It's a space to come together where there is zero judgement, supportive community packed with organizational systems, tools and workshops for all parts of your home!

Now you can have mental freedom and time to do more of what you love!

declutter, home organizing, clutter free

Why join Reclaim Your Space Exclusive VIP Membership...

Be part of a group of like minded individuals to learn and be part of the cheering squad!

Know where to start

minus the overwhelm that can be a barrier for getting started

See quick wins

(as well as long lasting ones) to build momentum and SPACE!

Schedule it in

with our monthly challenges and live decluttering sessions

Habits that work

you will create habits that feel natural and easy to maintain for YOU!

Making it funner,

I know these words don't often go together with clutter but we'll find your sweet spot to make it fun!

Support & Community

There's nothing better than having a space where you can learn from each other, share wins and feel heard,

From Mess to Peace: Your Five-Step

Path to a Peaceful Home

Transform your space with

my clear steps:

Vision to see your ideal clutter-free home.

Goal to outline what you want to achieve.

Plan to map out actionable steps.

Action to make it happen, clearing clutter bit by bit.

Success is achieving a tidy, peaceful home.

Start your journey to a clutter-free life today!

Here's what members are saying:

Cross off those projects you have been "meaning to get to"

Clear out those boxes that have been sitting for years

Clearing out the front porch and making space to sit

Make decisions quickly and easily on what to keep

Organize filing and have a system in place

Sort through bathroom cabinets and organizing products

Sort through clothing bins that you have been putting off



Managing and maintaining their clutter and

to do list, takes them no more than

15 mins three times a week..



Reclaim Your Space Exclusive VIP

The first decluttering solution for busy, naturally messy women who want to reclaim

their space in a way that feels effortlessly natural and easy to maintain.


All of these resources

Clutter Buster Showcase

submit photos of an area in your home you would like personalized feedback on how to organize (it's like having me in your home for a fraction of the price!)

Monthly Workshops

These workshops will focus on helping you create your holistic journey in clearing space & a calm, peaceful home & life.

2 x Month Live Decluttering Sessions

these are gold! This is what will keep you going knowing that the support and guidance is right there with you

Decluttering Dashboard

your organizational roadmap, helping you prioritize daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to maintain clarity amidst the chaos. Daily tasks keep things tidy, weekly ones focus on specific areas, and having this visual guide ensures clutter stays in check. 🗺️🧹

Monthly Challenges

Each month we will focus on a new area to declutter and organize easy challenges. These are perfect for quick wins!

Doable Declutter Plan Guide

Let’s get you past the overwhelm on where to start and get you planning out your next steps! You will also receive a template to host your doable plan.

Bonus 1


Use this planner to help you gain clarity on what you really want in your home and life..it's party a journey of self discovery and practical goals.

Bonus 2


Use this guide to help you save time and prepare healthy meals for the family.

Bonus 3


Keep everyone on track with chores so you can share the workload. this will help prevent backsliding and role model for the kids


Why Choose Reclaim Your Space Circle Over Others?

✅ Know where to start without the overwhelm

✅ See quick wins (as well as long lasting ones) to build momentum and SPACE!

✅ Schedule it in with our monthly challenges and live decluttering sessions

✅ Create habits that feel natural and easy to maintain for YOU!

✅ Actually have fun, I know these words don't often go together clutter but we'll find your sweet spot to make it fun!

...and the best part? It's yours for only $27/m CAD!

This membership has the potential to lift the weight and anxiety

you have been feeling for a while, increase your energy, transform your home

from the mess to the tidy home you have been looking for.

Here's a quick recap of what you get:

Total Value = $947

Today's Price = Only $27/m

It's like having a Professional Organizer in your home but for a fraction of the price!

Cancel at anytime...

Maybe you want to join for a few months to get a certain area

decluttered and organized or you know you need longer - you can cancel at anytime!

The choice is yours.

Q&A time:

Q: I have tried other decluttering programs and it hasn't worked, what makes this different?

A: This program is to discover more about yourself so it is a personalized experience for you in a group format. When we know ourselves we are able to declutter and organize to our strengths. This makes it easier and fun. The transformation is not just about the home but you as well!

Q: How much time do I need to dedicate each week to this?

A: This really depends on you and if you are serious about getting results. I suggest you attend the hourly live call and allow for approximately 1hr each week for action items.

Q: Why should I join now? What if I wait?

A: I say jump all in TODAY, if you wait the piles are just going to get bigger, you will still be running around in circles looking for misplaced items and buying duplicates. Let’s get you to start taking action now as every step is closer to you gaining back your time and peace

Q: How much support is included?

A: You are able to ask questions in the Facebook group where you can get specific guidance on things like room planning, organizing products and systems.

Q: When will I get access?

A: You will receive an email with all the details immediately after your purchase and will get access to our inner circle group within 24 hours.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes absolutely! We swear by our training, so much so we offer a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Money back guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes absolutely! We swear by our training, so much so we offer a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.

A love note from Louise

I am truly excited that you are here and taking some time for yourself to learn how you can create that clutter-free life you have been craving.

My idea for the membership is something I have been dreaming about for 5 years now and to be able to put this out in the world and know that it is going to help you and so many other women release their clutter one step at a time is perfect!

I have found in my 9 years as a Professional Home Organizer that many women just like you benefit from having a sounding board to bounce ideas off of when they have no one else to talk with or who understands what they are dealing with.

And that's where I come in..I am here for you and really care about your journey and clearing that clutter as the knock on effects from doing this is massive! It helps clear money blocks, health issues, financial struggles and create a home rather than a house!!

Don't miss this opportunity to have mental “freedom”,

relaxation, knowing where everything is.

I have faith in you, let’s do this!


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