I offer 3 main ways you can work with me.


The Clutter Cleanse

Clearing clutter can be one of the most uplifting and energizing things we can do for ourselves, our home and families.

This Clutter Cleanse is perfect for you if:

You don’t know where to start with your clutterThere are piles of “stuff” laying around the home

Find it hard making decisions on how much you really need in the home

Deciding how long a task will take so you end up shoving things back in messier

Reclaim Your Space Membership

Unlock the "From Mess to Peace" method and go from feeling unorganized and overwhelmed to being in control and ready to welcome guests anytime.

It's a space to come together where there is zero judgement, supportive community packed with organizational systems, tools and workshops for all parts of your home!

Now you can have mental freedom and time to do more of what you love!

In house Organizing

Moving, downsizing, room by room organizing

This is perfect if you would rather have an expert come into your home and work alongside you or while you are at work. We are able to customize a package to suit your needs.

Whether you are moving home, downsizing or need one are organized we got you!


Don't miss this opportunity to have mental “freedom”, relaxation & knowing

where everything is.

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