"Clear clutter, ignite creativity, and fuel your heart centered business with unstoppable productivity and effortless flow."


I'm Louise

As a professional home organizer with over 8 years of experience. My passion lies in assisting heart-centered female entrepreneurs in clearing clutter from their homes and home offices.

I understand the challenges of managing a busy schedule, so I make the decluttering process easy to integrate seamlessly.

By eliminating physical and mental clutter, I create an environment where creativity can flow freely within your business.

I firmly believe that clearing clutter is the essential initial step towards intuitive organization in both our professional and personal lives.

Together, we'll unlock harmonious balance and unleash your true potential.

Get results like these:

"I worked with Louise as my coach to create a personalized declutter plan. Louise's empathetic approach made me feel heard and supported. With her guidance, we were able to identify where to start with my clutter and the causes of my clutter and what my goals were.
Louise’s guidance and support were invaluable in helping me make progress and stay motivated. I highly recommend her coaching services to anyone seeking a more fulfilling life with less clutter!” -

Louise helped me understand why I had clutter and make a plan to deal with it. She was really understanding and showed me patterns in my behavior that I hadn’t noticed before. With her guidance, I could get rid of physical and emotional clutter that was weighing me down. Louise listened to me and tailored her approach to my needs, creating a non-judgmental environment. I strongly recommend working with her if you're struggling with clutter and want to understand it better. She's an expert and helped me in ways I never thought possible. Thank you!” Lisa Kirk

"I loved Louise's kindness in helping to reach goals in decluttering my life. I love the information on the psychology of why we do things, and how that relates to clutter. It was a push to make some changes that was needed to clear away clutter so there is more time to do the fun stuff! And have space reclaimed in the home!" — Tamara


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